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Home Party vs Thunder Alley Party
By: Meagan, Mom of a 9 year old girl

Every March when my daughter’s birthday comes around I have to decide where we will celebrate her big day. We have done a few at home, but twice now we have decided to have it at Thunder Alley. Honestly the biggest reason to me has been not wanting to clean up and prepare my house to have all of the guests over. It’s so much work to prepare for the party just for the house to end up wrecked again by the time it’s over. With Thunder Alley parties none of that is an issue. We can decorate the room in a theme we like when we get there or leave it how they have it. They take care of clean up!

Another reason is I feel like when we’re at home I spend way more time stressing that things are going well and looking good then I do when we go somewhere else. Takes the pressure off of me. I don’t have to come up with activities because we’re already at a place that has all kinds of different things to do. We can invite boys and girls of all ages and feel confident they’ll all have a good time because Thunder Alley already thought about all of that.

I’d imagine the biggest reason people decide to do at home parties over going somewhere like Thunder Alley is because they assume it’s too expensive but I really don’t think it is. Basic bowling/party room/game room party is $175. Once you add up the pizza, drinks, plates, napkins, cups, invitations, tablecloths, utensils, balloons, table and chair rentals etc. along with a few activities to keep them entertained (Let’s say a bouncy house, pinata and a craft) you will add up to that much money or more really quick anyway. It may hurt more to pay it all at one time, but I could almost guarantee all the small things you buy at up to a lot more money then you realize.

Those are my three reasons I will not be doing at home parties anymore and highly recommend Thunder Alley for your next party. No prep/clean up, Less stressful and No more money than I spend on an at home party anyway! Check out their parties online!

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