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Which Party is Best for Me?
By: Becki, Dickson mom of 2

The PRIVATE play room party: This is a great option for children's parties age 1-6. Treat this the same way you would an at home or community center party, but better because you don't have to worry about your house getting destroyed. Decorate as much as you'd like. (On the walls, tables, balloons, set up games, put up a piƱata etc.)  Bring in your home made/store bought food. (sandwiches, drinks, chips, cake, candy, fruit etc.)  Their only rule on bringing in food is that it not be from another business such as bringing in Little Caesars Pizzas. The snack bar will be open and it offers all of your party favorites like pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, French fries and nachos. You will get 10% off pizza and pitchers of soda if you decide to go that route.  You get 2 hours where only your group will be in the playroom.  They will provide as many tables as you need.  There is no max number of guests you can invite. If decorating isn't your thing, this room is already pre set up for fun!  Just bring the cake and the kids and you're ready for a great time! Perfect for those cold winter months or hot summer months when outside park parties are not a good option. This option is available only on Sundays! 

Each of the "category" party packages include a private party room for the first hour and a half. During this time they suggest you play in the game room, eat, do cake and presents. Then you head out to your reserved bowling lanes. Please read the full category description for more information on all the goodies included.  >>

Category 1 Bowling Party:  Category 1 is your basic bowling party. My suggestion is ages 3 & up. Most (not all) kids under 3 will struggle to stay interested in bowling a full game so this may not be the best option for them. 

Category 1 Play Room Party: This category 1 is your basic play room party. My suggestion is going to be ages 2-6. The difference in this option compared to the private party mentioned above is you do not get the play room to yourself, but you do receive all the extra goodies such as tokens, tickets, signature bowling pin as well as the pizza and drinks included. You still get a private room for your cake and gifts time. Both are great options for the little ones. One of the deciding factors to me would be whether or not your child would enjoy the game room as well or if the play room is all they will be interested in. If want to provide food for the party guests I'd also consider that, as the category party includes pizza and drinks where the private party doesn't. 

Category 2 Bowling & Laser Maze Party: The category 2 is going to be great for kids 3 & up as well. After your party room time your group will bowl and then each get a turn in the laser maze. There are two options in the laser maze. One is beam buster which is going to be better for the younger ones. The other is ninja challenge which takes a bit more skill and would be a better choice for the older kids to navigate. This category adds a bit more fun to an already exciting party.

Category 3 Bowling & Go-Karts Party: The category 3 is going to have a height requirement more than an age requirement because kids, of course, grow at different speeds. Please look into how tall your child and children's friends are before choosing a party package that includes the go-karts. The average 4 year old hits the 40inches height mark that is required to be a passenger on the go-karts. This would mean each child between 40 and 50inches (which is the height requirement to drive) will need someone over the 50 inches to drive them. Some kids might be able to drive themselves while others need someone to ride with them. If you think this will cause a problem it may better to save the go-kart party for when they are a bit older. For that reason I am personally going to suggest 6 & up. 

Category 4 Bowling & Laser Maze & Go-Karts Party: This is the ultimate Thunder Alley Party Package and ensures 3+ hours of fun for your child's special day. Bowling, Game Room, Laser Maze and Go-Karts! My suggestion is again 6 & up do the go-karts. At 6 most kids will still need someone to drive them on the go-karts, but most of their friends should also at least be tall enough to ride which will save yourself from any child meltdowns. You will notice I didn't put an age cap on any of the parties outside of the playroom because I think even a 15yr and his friends would enjoy doing these activities with their friends. Maybe downplay some of the "childish" parts of a birthday party such as the invitations and guests bringing gifts. Choose hours where the cosmic bowling will be going on (8midnight on Fridays and 1-4,8-midnight on Saturdays) to hold the party and let them be more independent.

Flat Rate Room Rental: Ask for the gray room which can hold 75 people and have a great 1st birthday party. If most of the guests are adults or other babies that don't need outside entertainment this is a great choice for you. Bring in your smash cake and gifts. Decorate as you please. It's just like if you rented a community center but again BETTER because your guests have options of things to do/buy/eat/drink without you having to be the one to pay for it. IF they want to play games they can do so. IF they want to buy food they can. But you're just taking responsibility for having your little ones simple 1st birthday party. 

I hope my suggestions help you decide which party option is best for you and your child on their big day. 
Again these are just my personal, mom approved opinions and if you have any questions I would suggest you contact Thunder Alley directly at 615-446-2557

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